Game of Thrones: Battle of the Bastards who's going to win Jon Snow or Ramsay Bolton?

Season 6, Episode 9 is HAPPENING. Sunday night is “Battle of the Bastards,” aka the episode where Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton go bastard-to-bastard.

And in preparation for the big episode, there’s a fan-made video to get the blood flowing, so to speak.

Some fans are Team Bolton…
Game of Thrones: Battle of the Bastards who's going to win Jon Snow or Ramsay Bolton?
…While others will be rooting for the Starks.

But either way, Episode 9 is going to be a helluva showdown.

Which house are you flying banners for?

  • Jon Snow
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  • Ramsay Bolton
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  • Someone else is gonna show up and fuck it up
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  • Other, ill state down below
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  • Jon. They didn't bring him back just to kill him again. Maybe they'll have him go down the same route as Beric Dondarrion, constantly being killed and brought back again. But they wouldn't kill him off permanently.


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  • Jon Snow is gonna start losing at first but the Little Finger will show up and save the day (Sansa wrote to him in episode 6).

  • They are not gonna let all this build up of bringing back the north, they aren't just gonna kill this plot because this is so that they can defend against the whitewalkers also the starks have been constantly getting fucked they're getting something good now.

  • This is more like anything else the TV has ever offered. In terms of money this isn't anymore a TV production. It took them 25 days to film only the battle of this episode. This alone says much.

  • John snow will win
    Im convinced jamie will be he one to kill john snow
    But im also making my predictions off the book so the supw could turn out completely different... we have to wait and see!


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