What would you do if Obama made a speech and said it was about some emergency, and then spoiled 'Game of Thrones'?

Since he is better than all of us he gets to watch the whole season in advance... so if he slid in some HUGE spoiler what would your reaction be?


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  • He doesn't have that privilege nor do I think he even watches the show.

    • yes he does. look it up. David Benioff said since he's the Commander-in-Chief it's one of the privileges he gets. He asked for it, and they gave it

    • Are you sure he actually gave it to him or he was just making a joke. I'm sure if the president REALLY wanted to they'd let him see it ahead of time but again. The president doesn't have the time to dick around with game of thrones.

    • it's obama.. he golfs and watches GOT

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  • Obama would be the biggest troll of 2016. Lmao Obama

  • i wouldn't be bothered


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