Would you buy a PS4 now or would you just wait for the upcoming play 4.5?

I want to play so bad the last uncharted 4 and doom among other games. But with the announcement of the new play 4, I'm not sure if it would be better to wait and buy the newest console later on. For the record I'm not planning to buy any 4K tv anytime soon or a VR headset, and those are supposed to be main advantages that the new playstation its gonna have, compatible wise at least. Before I forget, do you know if you need to purchase the new play 4 in order to play with the VR as well? Or can you use it with the current console?


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  • Nope I wouldn't buy personally... Ya see the catch with PS4.5 or the competitor Xbox one is in order to get that glorious 4k resolution is you have to get a 4k tv or monitor, plus a game that would support a 4k resolution (most games supports that so its good).

    About that VR, it doesn't work with PS3. Only PS4 and 4.5. A new generation of gaming has begun and unfortunately the generation of PS3 is going to be left behind.

    • I wasn't talking about the PS3, I meant Ps4 (that's the current gen that I don't have yet) so, you're saying, you wouldn't buy the regular ps4 and rather just wait for the NEO? Is that what you're saying?

    • oh... Yes. If I were to choose from that, I'll wait to buy the PS4 neo becaues currently the price of a band new PS4 is 400 euro and a second hand PS4 costs 300 euro. Neo is coming out apparently this year, between September or December (in my region), thats not far away and the retail price would probably the same or slightly more expensive when it comes out. NEO would be double the power of PS4 for the same more or less price range as PS4 current price.

  • I already have a PS4 and a 4K TV and I was planning to buy the Neo, but I heard that the Xbox Scorpio will be twice as powerful. Since I'm a graphics and power whore, I will probably wait for the Scorpio instead.

    As for the VR headset, you will be able to use it with the current PS4. It just won't be as pretty as the Neo of course.

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