Catching up with the Legend of Zelda?

Okay, I've been a core gamer since I can think back and when I was younger I had multiple Nintendo devices too (GB, GBC, GBA, SNES) but I've never really played the Legend of Zelda, which is a shame because I know for sure that it's the kind of game I like. My brother had one for the Game Boy (forgot which one) and Ocarina of Time for the GameCube, I played both a bit but it's so long ago and I was too young so I don't know anything about them anymore.

Now, assuming the NX won't be some VR/Motion/Touch bullshit, I'll probably buy a Nintendo console again. The new Zelda will be a launch title for the NX too so that would be a no-brainer as first title, even though I'm not 100% flashed from what I've seen on the E3. But I wanna catch up with the story/universe, so I wanna know how I do that the best.

There exist 18 games if I'm right... nope, I don't plan on playing them all lol. I've seen that there exist Mangas for 9 of them... are they good and do they cover the most important parts of it? How intwined are the stories of the different games and which are the 2-3 best ones where you'd say that they are must have?


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  • Hopefully, the NX is backwards comparable so you can play Twilight Princess and Wind Waker HD remakes too. Plus, the virtual console now has Ocarina of Time and Majora's mask as well.

    I am a huge zelda fan, always have been. Though I have played all the main releases, I focus mostly on the console games. I have played all of them loads of times. The games are not related much at all, there are some 'Historia purists' out their who constantly nag about the established timeline Nintendo set up in the 'Hyrule Historia', but the games are so loosely linked in my mind, and are not meant to be played as sequels or continuations (Except Majora's Mask, which is the 'same link' as ocarina).

    I would say you HAVE to play Ocarina of Time, every game since has been modeled after it and it is widely considered to be one of the best video games ever made. My personal favorite is Majora's Mask though. It is just so different from any other Zelda game, the atmosphere and story telling are just so unique. After that, Wind Waker has some of the 'tightest' Game play I think, and twilight and Skyward Sword have the most plot/ story. ( guess I sort of left out Skyward sword because it is my least favorite console zelda lol)

    Good news is, Breath of the Wind seems to be totally new and different from the past! So it should be pretty fresh and new to all of us!


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  • The stories in the games aren't very intertwined. We know for sure that the story in Majora's Mask takes place directly after Ocarina of Time, and I think Twilight Princess follows that timeline as well. I would recommend playing Ocarina of Time first, followed by Majora's Mask. Another favorite is Wind Waker. It got a bad rap when it first came out because of the graphics, but it's probably my second favorite game behind OoT.


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  • The old 80's tv show is cheesy as hell but amusing. It covers somethings you would see in the very first legend of zelda, still again it's super cheesy.

    The first legend of zelda I had ever played was Skyward sword. Though I would have to say that playing Ocarina of Time will expose you more to core items with the series. If you could skyward sword would still be a good one to start with since it does have the tri-force in it too.

    • Plus on the Zelda timeline skyward sword is the start of it.

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    • I'll probably buy many games on cartridges anyway... I checked the prices, many cost only half as much as digitally in the eShop.

    • Ah kk, I know that the e-shop has A LOT of sales that go on majority of the time.

  • The manga isn't like the games one bit, I would still play: The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina of time , Majora's Mask, and Twillight Princess. There was an anime/cartoon <( No idea where it was made) but don't waste your time on it, it's garbage.

    • Wind Waker always gets hate for its graphics... sigh. While it is not my favorite style, I really did think it matched that game well, and it possibly has some of the tightest mechanics and dungeons of any zelda aka well polished.

    • @ccp16 Wind Waker was awesome in my opinion, And for people that disliked the graphics I wonder what they expected to be honest. The soundtrack and that they showed more of character backstory's and personality was phenomenal, but on the other side, there aren't any games from Zelda that I hate.

    • I'm sorry where you said 'anime/cartoon' I read animated, and thought you meant windwake there... I was tired, my bad!

  • They usually have independent storylines. You don't really need to know anything major.

    • yeah that's what I assumed but it's still linked together and there will probably be many references so I just wanna check it out.

    • Yeah there are things that are just part of the Zelda DNA.

  • Ocarina of time would be a good place to start and maybe a link to the past right after. That way you get the very best of the 3D and 2D Zeldas

  • I never got into the Zelda cuz I coukd never beat it on the GBC lol


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