Who do you ship from The Vampire Diaries as of season 7?

You can pick your main one, then include your other choices in your comment. No negative replies, all ships are welcome here!

I ship Bonnie & Damon, Elena & Stefan, Caroline & Klaus.
  • Stefan & Elena
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  • Damon & Elena
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  • Bonnie & Damon
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  • Bonnie & Jeremy
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  • Bonnie & Enzo
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  • Caroline & Klaus
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  • Caroline & Stefan
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  • For the longest time I liked Stefan and Elena together. But after a while I decided I don't like Elena. She is a boring character and it's even worse that the show is centered around her. She is the very definition of a two timer and is needy. Every time her relationship with whatever brother she is into goes south, she runs to the other brother instead of solving their problems and communicating. Stefan deserves to be with someone who appreciates him

    • I do not enjoy Elena very much either. I ship stelena though, but, really only early stelena before she screwed up. Currently, I actually shipped him with Valerie, but she's gone, and they are really pushing Stefan and Caroline on us. Which isn't bad, but, I don't see the spark you know? Stefan does deserve to be with someone with appreciates him I agree.

  • First off I love u

    • Oh thank you!

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    • I liked it honestly. Bonnie and Damon are my OTP and season 7 had a lot of them, so I really enjoyed it. I really don't like Enzo and Bonnie though, or Enzo in general. I would probably give it a 8/10 because they could've made it more dramatic.

    • Enzo sucks so much ass like why are u even here nobody Like's u. They had to force bonnie into loving him to give his character purpose.

      I like bonnie Damon I feel like that should have happened and made Elena feel weird. like with the Jeremy thing.

      My fav character in the serious is tyer lockwood he make the show for me

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