Do you prefer foreign movies to be dubbed or subtitled?

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  • I have to watch it twice, one to read it, then again to watch it, but I get too distracted by the lips not matching up when it's dubbed.


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  • Always subbed for me. Even with good voice actors, usually the emotions don't translate across from one language to another.

    • I'm too busy reading to see the emotions of the faces.

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    • @Red_Arrow It's a bit subtle. I was trying to find really recognizable titles like Godfather dubbed in Mandarin but no luck. That said, I see that kind of stuff on the television all the time.

      I guess I'm kind of a hardcore purist for the original audio. One of the reasons is that I traveled overseas all the time when I was young, and also had a transition period when I started learning English in the U. S. I saw a lot of films I loved dubbed in multiple languages, and I always felt like people are missing out on the original.

    • @Red_Arrow The feeling for me is similar to what George Lucas did with Star Wars when he re-released the original episodes (4-6) with all sorts of CG added and some scenes changed considerably (ex: Han Solo being shot at first).

      A lot of the changes were in poor taste but it tends to be more upsetting for the fact that they did this to a beloved series of films.

      Whenever I watch the same films I love dubbed into another language, I get that kind of feeling.

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  • Subtitled, the original voices are usually more pleasing to the ears than when it's dubbed.

  • Subbed.. dubbed sounds odd.. for a reason, since it's not meant to sound like that.

  • Definitely dubbed I don't want to read the dialog and you can't focus on the actors.


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