What are two overrated games and two underrated games?

They do not need to be videogames, I. E. chess.


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  • Overrated overall games:

    board/card game: go fish (that game is easily manipulative and breakable)
    video game: Grand Theft Auto series (I find it bland because there is no fantasy element; the game is TOO realistic)

    Underrated overall games:

    board/card game: UNO (easy to learn, fun to play, and fun to make drinking games out of)
    video game: Timesplitters (the entire franchise for PS2/XBOX/GameCube is fantastic, check reviews on all three of the games)

    • I think it's interesting that you find GTA realistic.

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    • Except that you drive tanks, steak jets from military bases, the police shoot at you for having a fender bender, the police continually attack in suicide wave, the murderous criminals are portrayed as good guys, everyone else is portrayed as bad, you can kill hundreds of soldiers with no effort, your gun locks unto targets, you eat snacks to regain health, you get can get millions of $ in days, etc., etc.

      GTA allows you to do ridiculous things that you can't do in real life. You can't have gunfights all over the city or fly jets because in real life there are consequences for those things or you literally don't have the ability.

      GTA is fantasy. What you mean is that you want a game with magic specifically.

    • @Fibbett both are a different style of fantasy, to each their own!

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  • Overrated - monopoly and settlers of cantan


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  • Overrated:

    -Spec Ops: the Line
    -metro 2033 (redux)

  • yugioh and many of those "trading" and "collectible" card games.

    • Are these games underrated or overrated to you?

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    • You should play Pokemon Trading Card Game Online, you earn virtual money to buy more deck and packs. I have spent no real life money on this game and it is a fucking blast to play against real ppl!

    • @Prof_Don Not interested in Pokemon.

  • Halo 5... underrated game!


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