What type of venue do you prefer for metal concerts?

So a question to metalheads who attend concerts! What type of concerts you attend to? Open field? Garage concerts? And how crazy was you first mosh pit?


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  • I prefer large open ones where there is space to fucking mosh the hell out of people 👊

    • Haha! My time of person! SLipknot or Lamb of GOd?

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    • Thanks 👍👊

    • Kudos mate.

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  • Small enclosed spaces and lots of bodies


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  • open field ones.

    • MOSH PITS!!!

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    • yeah man, we are gunless in Europe, we have no means of self protection. we are forced to rely on the authorities but they have failed.

    • Oh they failed drastically! You know, at these moments you don't hear the radical feminists! These bunch of cowards are all out there to deal with video games! But not with real oppression and some still support them!

  • I care more about music

    • Borgir! Just black or other genres too?

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    • Nah nah
      They are technically different
      Dream are mostly complicated
      And at some parts they play soft
      I understand that coming from darker metal genre you may not see the difference that clear
      Try octavaruim, stream of consciousness, the mirror, ytse jam, Bombay vindaloo
      Each is a master piece , I'm sure you will get it

    • You caught right I am not a dream fan! But as I said when I listen to them the only band that comes to my mind in COB, but I shall take your advice and listen to the songs you suggested. Thanks!

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