Shouldn't they bring back Wcw instead of the roster split?

Let's say Stephanie and her brother shane announces that instead of the roster split they really introduce wcw as an independent brand.
Bringing back the wcw world heaveyweight championship
The cruiser weight title
The television title
The wcw tag team titles
Alne with a strong woman's division and titles
The rest introducentre the cruiserweight division and draft wrestlers from NXT to and bring back Wcw veterans to help promote the new younger guys
  • Yes they would. ratings would increase
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  • Nah they messed up ecw let wcw rest in peace
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As a young girl growing up my btothers abd i loved BretHart and his brother Owen Hart I liked shawn micheals long after the Montreal screw job oh and I thought lita and edge segment had more potential


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  • They should bring it back and make it independent. But they probably won't because probably costs to much.

    • I don't know why guys like seth rollins dean ambross sammy zayne gets a pushort when there are guys like sheamus celtic warrior gimmick alberto del rio millionaire gimmick and guys that have been there a long time that deserves it job because new guys from NXT are taking the spot without earning it... look at carlito mvp r truth u magazine when he was alive guys like morrison that deserved a push but hit sidelined due to guys from few and nxt

    • Sorry for the spelling errors my auto correct spelling check are changing my words of hate auto correct

    • Thank you very much for selecting my answer as the most helpful opinion. It's ok for the spelling grammar. I make mistakes to. lol. I have to agree with you you make very good points. a lot of the guys who been their a long time don't get a break or a fair shot. I think it's a popularity contest and who ever can make the company a lot of money with their gimmick and how much merchandise they can sell and market. Another sad thing is how many good wrestlers get cut from the company to. Wrestling is not what it use to be. You can look at so many great wrestlers that made the company what it is now. And so many great ones have died to. Bringing back wcw as an independent brand would be nice and better for the company I think to.

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