This might sound like a goofy question, but does anyone have any romantic movie recommendations?

Specifically in the mood for jock falls in love with nerd or something along those lines. Cliche is cool. Just need something lighthearted to space out to. I know there's a bunch out there but I can't really think of any off the top of my head right now, funny enough, haha. Anyone got any recommendations?


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  • Sleepless in Seattle
    The princess bride
    The wedding singer
    When harry met sally
    Annie hall

    • Some of these I enjoyed. I haven't heard of them all though. Thanks!

    • Thank you for MHG. You rock!!!

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  • They aren't romance movies but all 24 James Bond movies involve James Bond and a woman falling in love. "Casino Royale" and "On her majesty's secret service" are the most romantic ones out of all of them in my opinion.

    • Thanks. I do like Bond.

  • The Duff
    This Means War
    Never Been Kissed
    Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist
    How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
    She's the Man
    50 First Dates
    My Date with the President's Daughter
    Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead

    Enjoy! 🍿🎬

    • I haven't seen all of these so I will check them out! Thanks!

  • 500 DAYS OF SUMMER, though I don't know of its quite a romantic movie, but it's definitely a relationship movie. And most importantly, I liked it.

    • I've actually seen this one already, and I did like it. One of my guy friends called it a "poor b***ard" movie lol, cos he felt so bad for the guy. Cracks me up whenever I think about it.

  • The Spectacular Now, The Fault in Our Stars, Paper Towns, A Walk to Remember, The Notebook.

    • Someone likes John Green.

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    • Yea, sorry, I'm not really familiar with Sparks, well, I'm not really familiar with Green either, but I read a short story of his (it was about a winter storm) and I liked it.

    • Thanks! I'll check out the two I haven't seen on this list.

  • Date Night Steve Carell Tina Fey Nuff said

    • LOL I love Steve Carrell and I've never heard of that one so I'll definitely take a look. Thank you!

    • If you see it, you better let me know what you think! ;p

    • Haha sure! I love adding movies to my list because it's my favorite thing to do to unwind. I usually watch one at the end of each week so I don't rifle through them so fast.

  • clueless

    • Haha I haven't seen that one in a while. Thanks!

    • its gr8 boutta watch it again <3

  • Watch anime, it has the best romantic things

    • Any in particular you recommend?

  • Lmaoo its called not real life nerd so wake up

    • And some guys like sci-fi or action movies even though they're not real. Your point?

    • Lmao Watch it's a boy girl thing, Its online on YouTube too. Its kinda gay as hell dude but just what u described in question and give me mho now

    • Believe me, irs way better than what these nerds here commented lol

  • Rocky Horror Picture Show
    but it's not a horror movie but it's a romantic comedy with many cliches that makes fun about horror movies.
    It starts with a love declaration and a wedding of a couple.
    Then they come to a castle with weird people/nerds who are about to find love. It's hard to find a movie with more love and it's on the top of the best cult movies you need to watch.

    • Lmao. Always meant to watch it. Thanks for the rec!

    • I always thought "How could an old movie be so good like all say?" until I watched it. It is timeless funny! I have never seen such a hilarious lovely "vampire" or better known as the "sweet transvestite from transexual Transilvania" who wants to be a matchmaker for everybodies love xD Hope you enjoy it :)

    • Thanks!

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