Would you rather have your favorite show last a long time or a short time and go out on top?

I thought of this question because one of my all time favorite shows (Person of Interest on CBS) ended last week after 5 seasons and 100+ episodes, I wish it had gone on longer because the quality was still very good and the ratings were still solid, but it wasn't meant to be. But the more I think about it, I really liked every season, episode and was very satisfied by the final season and the finale, it wrapped up every nicely and went out on top. Unlike another favorite show of mine (Smallville on CW) which went on for 10 seasons and 200+ episodes, but I was very disappointed with the final seasons, especially the last one and the finale left me underwhelmed and wishing the show had ended sooner and on top.

I know that has been the case with many shows were the fans wished had lasted longer or had ended sooner. So I asked the question, do you want your favorite show to remain on the air for as long as possible or end with the quality of the show still great?
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  • The two best COMPLETE shows that I've watched were both planned with a full story arc: The Shield and Breaking Bad. In both cases, they knew how many seasons they wanted to make (7 in both cases), and they set up the writing to finish at the right time and close out the story properly, and that made those shows great.

    Several other shows have either been cancelled WAY too early (Firefly, The Bridge) or went on too long until they sucked.

    Some types of shows CAN go on a long time with much less risk: usually sitcoms, which have limited character development anyway. Two And A Half Men went for 12 seasons, including a main character change, and still did very well. It's far harder for a drama to do that, which is why NCIS's run is so impressive - the show had 13 seasons and has been renewed through Season 15, and it's still excellent and going strong. That's VERY unusual.


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  • I believe anything more than 6 seasons is ridiculous for any live action drama. Animated sitcoms can go on for years upon years, largely in my opinion because they are not to be taken so seriously at all. They can be a joke. So I'm cool with The Simpsons and South Park still being around, and these shows have evolved with the times too.

    Especially South Park, it is certainly not as good as it once was and the greatest of great South Park episodes don't occur anymore they are all in the past. However, it has still evolved with the times tremendously well, and does a great job at being an entertaining social commentary of the times, very different from what it once was, still entertaining (not as much, but still is).

    Even live action sitcoms I think shouldn't go on more than 8 to be honest. The Office and Parks and Recreation went on too long (and Parks and Rec. didn't even reach 8). Two and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory each became blatant cons, just going through the motions for huge bucks, lost touch with their roots and ultimately an embarrassing shameful joke in their later seasons.

  • I tend to prefer shorter because sometimes shows that last many, many seasons can end up kind of beating a dead horse. I like things to come to an end.

    Also if I know a television show has a boatload of episodes, I'm unlikely to watch it since I know it'll end up consuming so much time. I actually like things to have like just 2 or 3 seasons, almost like a mini-series.

  • A long time I guess but when Heroes was canceled during a cliff hanger that's when I rage quit TV (going digital in 2009 and making me buy another TV just made that decision easier, I simply didn't buy another and used the TV money for a Netflix account). If it's not on Netflix or found in torrents it's probably not worth watching.

  • Shows usually cap after 5-7


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