What do you know about teenager tv shows?

so i can't live a day without watching an episode or a movie what can i say i'm obsessed and i watched every single episode of all the tv shows that i loved i need ideas people i searched and searched and found nothing , this is my taste : teen wolf- awkward- that70'show - scream queens - faking it- freaks and geeks ; drama highchool funny stuff , if you have an idea share it


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  • If you don't like Drake or his music, then you'll enjoy Degrassi - he gets shot by some sociopathic nerd in one of the earlier seasons. That show and One Tree Hill were ones I remember my older sisters watching a lot as I grew up.

  • It depends - which teenager TV shows are you talking? 80s? 90s? 00s? 10s?

    • 00s and 10S and maybe the 70s

    • I don't know any 10s or 70s. But I definitely know some 90s and a few 80s. 00s? Ehh...

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