Who is the best vocalist of Journey in your opinion?

Steve Perry era was definitely the best, and the most successful one.

But during this era, Gregg Rolie released two pretty good solo albums, and Robert Fleischman was part of a group called "Channel", releasing one album which is one of the most overlooked albums in AOR genre.

Steve Perry released some solo stuff too, but his work with Journey at the time, was better I believe.
  • Gregg Rolie (1973-1977)
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  • Robert Fleischman (1977)
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  • Steve Perry (1977-1998)
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  • Steve Augeri (1998-2006)
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  • Jeff Scott Soto (2006-2007)
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  • Arnel Pineda (2007-now)
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  • Perry for sure. His voice was from another planet. I also think Rolie's voice is underrated though. In fact, an era that produced some great early hits for Journey was the joint Perry / Rolie era of 1977-79. The really amazing thing about Perry, and indeed most singers of the 70s and 80s, is their longevity. Steve was already 28 years old when he first joined Journey, and yet he had a longer career than many of today's singers who start in their teens. Things like this, in my opinion, are the reason why the golden era of music was in the 80s.

    • By the way, I checked out Channel. They're quite good. It's shame they weren't more popular.

    • Oh, and as a side note, I recently saw Journey in concert. Pineda is a great successor to Perry. While of course his voice doesn't have the same magic, it's about as close to the real thing as you can get!

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