Can we talk about that GoT finale for a min?

SPOILERS to anyone that hasn't seen the episode or to any one that wants to watch the show

Ok, i loved Cercei blowing the hell out of the city. That was my favorite part!

The confirmed RLJ (even tho we all already knew)

I also enjoy Jon becoming king of the north

andddd im most curious as to why Arya was staring and smiling at Jamie so much, as far as i remember he's not on the list in the show or the books. Tell me what you think
and tell me what you liked / think will happen


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  • It was epic! I loved almost every part of it. Cersei going through with her wildfire plan, Margaery knowing what's up before anyone else, Tommen's tragic suicide, Arya killing Walder Frey, R+L=J, Jon as King in the North, that moment between Tyrion and Danaerys was precious, Dany's fleet of ships sailing to Westeros, plus the Tyrell's and Dorne joining up with her, Cersei as the big villain on the throne, it was all really good lol.

    Next season I expect we'll see more of the Night King, the white walkers and wights, Bran will get deeper into his Three-Eyed Raven state, Cersei ruling ruthlessly and perhaps the rest of Maggie the witch's prophesy coming true when she gets killed by the valonqar/younger brother (Jaime or Tyrion?), Dany descending on King's Landing, Jon meeting Danaerys, and maybe a play for fighting off the "greater evil" of the white walkers. Jamie's not on Arya's list, but I'm not sure why she was smiling at him so much. My guess is she was just playing her part. As Bronn says, Jaime always gets attention from women, so maybe it would have been odd if she didn't show any interest when serving them wine.

    • I thought the witch told cercei a younger more beautiful princess will kill her
      Aka danny

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    • The Wall is most likely coming down next season. Bran was marked by the Night's King. Now that Bran is south of The Wall, the magic of the Wall is no more. This means that the White Walkers will be able to pass. The Wall was built by Bran the Builder and will be brought down by his Bran.

    • That's true! Coldhands/Benjen alluded to it in the last episode too. Something about magic and ancient spells in the wall, and the dead not being able to pass *while it stands*...

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    Walder Frey wasn't on her list as well as far as I can remember? I think she's hunting down everyone thats responsible for the red wedding, Lannisters and Frey. Remember what she said before she killed Lord Frey? "The last thing you will see before you die is a Stark smiling". I think she wanted to kill Jamie as well and thats why she was smiling at him but he had this argument with Walder Frey so he walked away before Arya could get to him.


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  • It was bad ass. ^^

  • First things first, amazing episode. It was like red wedding 2.0 I didn't think anything could pass up last weeks but they proved me wrong.
    I love that Jon snow is king of the north he is so badass, but Lyanna Mormont may give him a run for his money.
    I think Jamie is going to kill Cersei #madqueen When the camera looks at Jamie, he is PISSED at her. He killed the mad king to save kings landing. What Cersei did, canceled that heroic act out. Plus their final child is dead because of her. She didn't even have any emotion when she realized tommen was dead, she really is the mad queen. I had a feeling house Lannister will come to an end, but I didn't think it would be this fast. Now that the three of Jamie and Cersei children are dead, that's the end of the incest squad.
    Burning kings landing was bad ass but Cersei needs to think about the ripple effect her actions have, I thought she learned her lesson after Myrcella died, obviously not. I think Jamie kills her, his new nickname is the queenslayer.
    I was laughing like the devil when arya killed walder Frey. The Starks send their regards!
    I am sad Margaery is dead. She played the game of thrones so well. I am still in denial and feel like she somehow got out alive.
    I am glad that Tyrian is getting the respect he deserves. I don't think danyerys realizes how much it meant for her to put that pin on him. Can't wait to see what how the alliance between the greyjoys and Danyerys Targaryen works out. Knock em dead Khaleesi!
    I don't know why arya was smiling at Jamie i don't think she will kill him, he isn't on her list but interested to see how it plays out. I can't post a link so just remove the spaces.
    https://s-media- cache-ak0. pinimg. com / 736x/8a/61/0a/8a610a80152644b1a15d3d72abf335ee. jpg

    • I dont think jamie will kill cersei there's a major difference between her and the mad king... he loves her
      Danny will kill cersei
      And yea I don't know whats going on with the lanisters anymore
      I really think danny is going to have tyrions tongue removed by the end of the series if not her than someone else
      And look at pac mans comment he had a pretty good idea why she was smiling at him

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    • Well according to the prophecy it's her little brother that kills Cersei and that can be Jamie or Tyrian that strangles her. Every other part of the prophecy has come true. I think Cersei believed the young and beautiful woman that replaces her was Margaery but that could easily be Danyerys or Sansa. Jamie might love Cersei but he loved their children more. Plus in the books, he doesn't love her anymore. Cersei is a narcissist the only reason she loves her children is because they are extensions of her. Jamie is not stupid, once he sees through Cersei, he could kill her. Again according to the prophecy, her killer is unlikely (at least to Cersei) and it is her little brother who strangles her. Cersei is older than Jamie by a couple moments but it can still be Tyrion. Cersei pisses off everybody to get what she wants. It won't be long before she is dead.

    • @Pac-Man it is very likely that Jamie could be the Azor ahai. GRRM based most characters off of real, historical people like Sansa is strikingly similar to Elizabeth the First. He does the same with events as well. The red wedding was based off of the black dinner, where a young lord around Robb's age was trying to make peace but his enemies had a different idea. The young lord was executed at the black dinner. As well as the Macdonalds massacre. Where a family named the Macdonalds was staying with a family named the Campbell's, one night the two families are playing cards the next night the Campbell's went around their house and killed every Macdonald in sight.

  • First off, the music this episode was ON POINT.

    R+L = J, CONFIRMED!!!
    THE KING IN THE NORTH! Really got chills are feels at these two scenes.
    Littlefinger is plotting again. Sansa knows this. You can even see the shock and disbelief on his face when the Northern Lords and then Vale's Lords named Jon the King in the North.
    Lyanna Mormont is a boss.

    Cersei, the Mad Queen. RIP Tommen. Jaime is now beginning to resent her and might be the the one to kill her or die in the attempt.

    The Freys got fucked and are useless. No one gives a shit about the Freys. I really like the Frey Pies which were a nod to book readers to Lord Wyman Manderly. Arya will meet Melisandre because the Red Woman is riding south and Mel also said so herself that they will meet again.

    That Oldtown Citadel library is fucking huge!

    Dorne - Vengeance, Justice, Fire and Blood. We got that line from the books, but not from Doran :(

    Across the Narrow Sea - You can see just how devoted Tyrion is to Daenerys now, he has been shunned all his life and Dany saw him as a normal person, an equal and valued him greatly.
    House Targaryen, House Tyrell, House Martell, House Greyjoy, thousands upon thousands of Dothraki and Unsullied, and 3 dragons all sailing to Westeros. So epic omg.

    • I can see Westeros being united as a whole against the real fight against the White Walkers. You have House Targaryen, House Martell, House Tyrell, and House Greyjoy right now.

      The Tyrell and Martell wants to rid the Lannisters (specifically Cersei, Jaime may or may not survive). House Lannister will then join with Daenerys either under Jaime (unlikely) or Tyrion, since they are Tywin's heirs. Euron Greyjoy and his fleet will be gone but they would likely have hit Daenerys hard because it's Euron, he has something up his sleeve. Dany and Jon will likely ally themselves together (marry pls) and also by this, House Arryn will be part of that alliance too since they already declared for the Starks. So, House Stark and House Arryn are in the fold now. The Riverlands under the remnants of House Tully (Sansa Stark).

      Basically now, all the major Houses of the Seven Kingdoms are now aligned with each other with one real purpose. To defeat the army of the dead.

    • House Baratheon is extinct at this point (trueborn and the "Baratheons" of King's Landing). Gendry is the only one left with Baratheon blood and the Stormlands will rally to him if they ever bring him back and have someone make him the Lord of Storm's End.

  • OMG!! The only thing I didn't like was that Margaery had to die. I really like the Tyrells. Everything else was perfect. I haven't been so excited for a season finale in a very long time. Almost cried during the scene with Lyanna and baby Jon. I really wanted to see Arya reunite with Sansa and Jon, but I guess I've just got a cheesy sentimental heart. Really looking forward to the next season, it sucks that we have to wait a whole year, but at least there are no cliffhangers like last year with Jon's death...

    Also, am I the only one who finds Daenerys utterly boring? She's badass, but she's so predictable and boring. I'm rooting for her still, but she's the least interesting character on the show.

    • No i hate danny
      she's badass 1/47 episodes lol
      And im tired of seeing seasons end with her
      Now we will get a whole season of her being boring on her ships 😂

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    • @Entruder I never said Emilia Clarke was a bad actress, on the contrary, I really like her! I just don't like the over glorified character of Daenerys

    • Nah her story is shit boring in the books as well
      And euron will have the horn of summer and control the dragons
      Lol nah that won't happen

  • In a nutshell, from now on it will be: TeamCersei vs TeamDaenerys, probably with Jon Snow joining Daenerys' cause (even because he's half Targaryen) and Petyr Baelish trying to overthrow the two queens and take the throne for himself.

    So... I can't wait for next season!

    • Nah danny is going to fucking hate jon
      Especially if she finds out that he is her nephew
      I think danny will kill cercei
      Then bran wil kill danny
      Jamie will kill jon
      And bran will kill jamie and thats how the fame will end

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    • Im definitely team bran
      I think he's taking it

    • That would be a disappointment for me, I can't picture Bran sitting on the Iron Throne.

  • Overall Fucking amazing episode wish we could've had more with bran but I guess he did show R+L=J, Cersei's plan was risky as fuck if lancel was slightly less damaged he'd have made it but I guess it made it dramatic as fuck and I can't believe basically all the tyrells are gone, didn't expect Joffrey to jump tbh. Also great that arya is already back and can use the faces hoping for that sansa reunion. Overall it's time to get FUCKING HYPE for season 7 dragon v walker plzzz.

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    • When the called him "The white wolf of the north"

      I was sitting there like "... badass"


  • I think sansa is the one who kill cersi because the prophecy is true and I think day and Jon will team up aganist cersi

    • More like Dany will be the one. She will be the younger and more beautiful Queen who will cast Cersei down and take all that she holds dear.

    • @Entruder yes I agree , I said sansa as an indication that she and Jon will be with Dany but maybe Dany will let sansa do the owners as cersi hurt sansa a lot

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