🤔🤗😏Would you be brave enough to let someone your attracted to, barrow your phone and have full access, for a full week straight?

We all use our phones and check text messages and stuff like ever 5 seconds.. Most of us have personal, private, and delicate sensitive information hidden in our phones. But what if your lover, boyfriend/girlfriend, sex buddy, or just someone your deeply attracted to got a hold of your phone?😐😳🙄 would you let them hold on to it and go through it for a few days? 🤔 What about a full week?😩😫😖😓🙈 would you be embarrassed and exposed? Would you be relaxed and not care? How would you react?

  • I'd be exposed and ruined!😩😫
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  • I wouldn't care cuz there's nothing to hide 😌😏
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  • I'd go get my phone back that same day.
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  • i would let him keep it the full week but be worried as fuck

  • If it was my boyfriend I would be quite relaxed he should already beware of all my weird quirks 😂 Now if it was a stranger I would be hunting it down too embarrassing


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