What Is Your Favorite Raunchy Romantic Comedy?

Why did u choose that movie?

Feel free to recommend a movie you don't see in the poll 🙃

  • Train wreck🍾🍸🍷
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  • Boomerang 🎞📽🎬
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  • Bridesmaids💐👰💍
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  • Good Luck Chuck🍀🎰🌠
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  • Wedding Crashers🍸🍾🍺
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  • The 40 Years Old Virgin😇🍆💦
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  • Other
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  • Wedding Crashers is my favorite from these but I don't really like romantic comedies that much I think a lot of them are pretty formulaic. I liked Wedding crashers because it had a little something different and I really like Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson they're some of the few comedic actors that can consistently entertain me. Even if the movie sucks they're fun. Vince Vaughns kinda cynical/sarcastic attitude always cracks me up and Owen WIlson complements him well. I also liked Marley&Me with just Owen Wilson. Trainwreck was a big disapointment for me. The whole idea they were trying to sell was that this was a different kind of movie but it was exactly the same thing like as any other romantic comedy only the beginning was slightly different but most of the movie was exactly the same. Y but I don't really like comedies in general so I only like a few movies in that genre :P.

    • I agree on all of this. In addition, I hated the main character in Trainwreck. She was so unlikabe then they tried to redeem her in the end so the movie can have a cliche ending.

    • But at least if they had made her a real total trainwreck t would have been a more unique movie. This way it didn't even make sense. They kinda made her look like a trainwreck a little bit in the beginning but that was just kind of a set up. There were like 2 scenes and they put them in the trailer to show that this movie was ginna be fun but then they just had some generic romantic plot for the rest of the movie. Her "problems" never even really interfered with the relationship. I seriously didn't get that movie it was total crap. I'm always glad I don't pay for movies after I watch somthing like that haha :)

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  • I voted for the 40 year old virgin because its the only one I've seen out of these

  • 'The 40 Year-Old Virgin' has a special place in my heart, because I weirdly related to it as a fourteen-year-old virgin, LOL.

  • I love Bridesmaids but voted 40 Virgin.

  • My favorite romantic comedy is Nine Months. Hugh Grant is very funny.

  • Never seen any of these.


What Girls Said 1

  • None of these. Clerks 2 is raunchy enough for me.