Do any of you know what is the name of this song?

Lyrics was like "Call me the best, call me the queen as i step on the scene..." I heared it on tv series named Hit the Floor season 2 episode 12.


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    • That's not it.

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    • "Call me a queen better bow down when i step on the scene" it was something like that

    • Yeah, I watched the part at 6mins into the episode and searched for an hour but could not find the song even using song apps like Shazam. I can only conclude that it's a sound clip made specifically for the episode.

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  • Was it a hip hop song?
    Maybe Eve's “Grind or Die" song, it goes like:

    “Show some respect and bow down to the queen
    I’m sittin pretty, walk up to the culture
    But don’t doubt me, I’m a pure brand hustler
    Everything I had I had and gonna get
    ‘Cause wasn’t nobody ever giving me shit"

    • Would you please watch the episode for me? The song was around exact 6th minute.

    • No, if you know exactly when the sing played and everything, you do the foot work. Sheesh.

  • Next time you see the episode, either shazam that shit, sound hound it or shit through the creds cause they have all the songs they use

  • Is it called 'Winner Takes All'?


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