Anime recommendation?

Hi guys! Okay so I am a huge fan of animes/mangas. I watched A LOT of them, but I'm currently interested in some fantasy/supernatural with romance. Only romance is good too.

What I'm looking for is:
- Has kissing/intimacy/sex (and not just one kiss scene in the end of the show like almost every anime I watched, I want the real thing where they actually kiss or hug from time to time)
- Has a hot guy as a main character (no comment on this one)
- Good art (okay so I don't want characters drawn like in Clannad, they look too childish to me. I'd prefer characters that at least look somewhat adult)
- Not just a pure comedy (I want dem feels)

I'm looking for something like Sword Art Online (except the only thing I didn't like about it was how Kirito was drawn, like a baby! Imagine if he was actually hot?), Nana, Paradise Kiss, Snow White with the Red Hair, etc.

P. S. "Snow white with the red hair" is so far my favorite romance anime, so if you know something like that plsss tell me! Thank you <3


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  • You can check out The Familiar of Zero, Amagami SS, Sakura Trick (Yuri), or maybe even Toradora as a start

    • I heard Toradora has only one kiss scene in the end, tho. :(

    • Yeah but its got those feels, if you really want kiss scenes you can try Amagami SS

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  • You may like Peach Girl. I'm kind of drawing a blank on anything else at the moment.


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  • Yea there's one awesome anime show called getting laid, look it up OP

  • Popeye the sailor man?


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