What are you listening to (If you are)?


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  • Not right now, but before a friend had linked me to Charles Ives' Concord Sonata, which she recommended, and which is fantastic. I'd link it but I'm too low level :P Look it up on youtube, though.


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  • I'm actually listening to a song I wrote myself. I'm trying to come up with lyrics for it. I would share it, but it isn't copyrighted or anything yet and I'm paranoid of someone stealing it.

    I was listening to this song earlier though:
    Luck as A Constant by Periphery
    (Dat solo at 4:21 tho.)


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    • Gotta love Marty Robbins! I think the Alamo tale is a bit romanticized, but I guess we won't know for sure I'm this life. I remember when Ozzy Psbourne got arrested for urinating on the side of the Alamo. What a psycho! Banned from Texas for life, I believe!

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