Why do people smoke in every movie I see either made or set or done by a person in the U. K I see people end up smoking?

I just watched Kingsman the secret service and there were a couple of people smoking, now I'm watching In Bruges and people are smoking.
I'm not against smoking in movies but its a trend I've been noticing in British movies for a while now. I'm just curious if more people smoke in the U. K or something.
Its not like I mind its just a trend I've noticed.
I'm honestly curious


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  • A lot of actors, everywhere, smoke. Also, smoking in the UK and Europe is just more prevalent in general. Most, if not all of my European friends smoke. Also, supposedly, European cigarettes aren't as strong as American ones. I don't know how true that is


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  • Lots of people in the UK smoke. I know you don't really see people in US movies smoke anymore but you still do with lots of UK ones and I'm not sure why. On another note you're watching In Bruges!!! 👍

    • Yeah smoking in movies went down around the time that smoking rates went down.
      You still see it frequently in westerns though.
      There was smoking in the TV show burn notice as well

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    • Wow those packaging images as so tame compared to the UK ones 😂 Seriously! Look up the UK ones they're horrific! Show organs and stuff looking all cancerous. Yeah people from the UK are dumb. A lot of people smoke ecigarettes now instead but they're still smoking.

    • Thank you for MHO :)

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  • Apperently cigarettes in movies are more than just props. When projected on the big screen, they are magnets for younger audiences.


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