My top 5 Kpop songs right now ;) ?

These are not ranked I just put them in some order :).
Taeyeon just released her second solo album, she has a lot of good songs but I'll feature only one so it's not to one sided :).

Next I have to put Tiffany from the same group one of her solo songs that I really like

Next All In the new song by Monsta X. The song is about fully committing to a girl putting your life on the line pretty much but they have this weird bromance music video. Aparently it's part of a series and it will make more sense later but it's still kinda funny. The song is good though.

This next song is perfect for edm fans, the beat is pretty good :).

I didn't really like any songs by this last group but their latest one is good.

Normally I like some hip hop influence but YG the second biggest entertainment company and the one that has more hiphop and edgier stuff hasn't released anything in a while. They will debut a new girl group soon but it has been pushed back to the end of July.

So now you can see 3 songs from SM entertainment (the biggest entertainment company in korea) and it could have been more to be honest because they have been releasing a lot of good stuff but I didn't want to go too far :).

Did you enjoy any of the songs? :)



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  • Dont really care for them.


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  • umm as i love in korea i have to ask why in the hell would you CHOOSE to listen to this trash lol..

    • Lol I guess you should read the reply I wrote for that other guy :).

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    • Maybe if I lived there and had to hear it all the time I'd hate it too but I don't so it's something different I guess :). And there's some cute girls ;). How do you like it besides the music? I'm planning on going there next year. And what do you work? I heard it's quite hard to find a job there unless it's teaching English.

    • The girls are amazing for short meaningless relationships but nothing more.. and until recently i was a military contractor working here.. i do love the food tho and also some pretty awesome night life

  • I have small knowledge of KPOP but anyways good luck finding good songs

    • I don't like western pop music with a few exceptions. I'm mostly ino hip hop, some rock, older stuff like Ray Charles and Jhonny Cash, a little EDM and more. I don't know how it happened exactly but Kpop sucked me in and I really enjoy a lot of the music even though I don't really like pop in general. It's weird but whatever :). I discovered it 4 yers ago and I have a bunch of songs I like :). These are just 5 that just came out recently that I like.