What do I do if I write a novel draft and decide that I do not like it? How do I edit it?

Is it normal to hate your second draft?

I need advice I am writing a my second draft of a novel and I do not like the plot. I want to make some major changes but I do not know how to do it. I Googled it, I even went to the writers digest website and there are different things.

I do not like the plot and I write down some ideas on how to change it but I am not sure if I should get a blank document and rewrite the story a third time, or should I make a copy of my second draft and edit it?


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  • Say maybe break down the parts to it and decide where to change otherwise you might just want to start again

    • It's not that I do not want to rewrite it all over again but it would be nice if I could rewrite it without opening a new blank document. 😣

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    • You don't necessarily need to edit it on your own, each writing requires a fresh sight. I would recommend you to contact Supreme essay guys and check what they can do for you. They usually both proofread and edit my papers. And I know that they do a good job. Good luck!

    • @Wincky is it free?

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  • Well I like to plan. So I would map out the major plot lines, this way you know what and where you need to make changes. Keep what fits, disregard what doesn't.
    List making is another good tool. Like:
    first this happened
    Then this happened
    Next so and so
    Followed by this
    Than this happened
    And finally this
    See what I mean, you get a good idea of the structure you can see what fits and what doesn't fit. Like maybe something is out of order or maybe something doesn't seem to fit. You might have to take something out or add a few things to get it to fit right.
    Good luck!

    • Sounds easier said than done. I'm struggling with the plot. I'm not sure If I want to switch the main characters or not

  • Sometimes it takes a lot of drafts to get things the way you like them. Try Scrivener. It only costs $40 and lets you outline and move things around easily single sentences to paragraphs to entire chapters).


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