Over/under 700 points per game for the golden state warriors?

the warriors just got Durant. So now they managed only have
Steph curry- arguably the best shooter of all time
Klay Thompson- arguably the 2nd best shooter in the game and can shoot better than Steph
Draymond Green- the 3rd of their big 3 who can play all 5 positions
Kevin Durant- the other arguable 2nd best shooter in the league and also happens to be 6'11


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  • I'm speechless, man. I really thought that he would stay in OKC. Since that's not the case, Golden State will be pretty much unbeatable.

    All I have to say is... today's NBA is soft. MJ, Magic, and Larry would never take shortcuts like these guys nowadays. Those guys had too much pride and would rather rip each other's throats out than form a super team.

    • I thought there was a chance he'd leave, but I didn't think it would happen either. If he didn't say he didn't wanna do the 1 year opt out, he would've stayed in okc for at least 1 more year. They will be soft on the middle, though

      Nah, today's NBA is way better in my opinion. I agree on the super team thing. AAU basketball kinda ruined that. A lot of these dudes have known each other since like middle school. But there is way more talent around the league now. The 96 bills had 2 expansion teams... It's always had a problem with top loading the league, though. But I can live with it as long a it means we don't have to the iso ball bullshit. I also heard that the owners might lockout in like 2 years, but I don't know how true it is.

    • Nah today's NBA ain't soft. Lol don't you remember that MJ didn't win rings till Scottie got there then Rodmen? Who came from were beerfarts? Were? Their archnemis the Pistons. I do agree with you that the league has become weak in that sense. No one hates each other like they used to but thats because they all grow up in Aau ball and play together from young on.

    • @akadatank44, yes, MJ didn't win rings until Pippen got there (and later Rodman and Kukoc). The point is... MJ never left. The same can be said for other superstars of that era. Can you imagine MJ saying "fuck it, I can't beat the Pistons, so I might as well join them?" Yeah, me either. That's essentially what KD is doing. Yes, most of these guys grew up playing ball with each other so it's a different mindset now. I just miss the days when guys wanted to beat the best, not join them.

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  • Lost a ton of respect for you with your Curry comment 😜 he's overrated and and good player at best!! he's not the best shooter of all time. Yeah he's got some great moments when he's hot but he also has a lot of cold moments where he goes 2 for 11 the whole game.

    They will still be stopped and hey. Its just the beginning of the off season. Let's just see what things happen.

    • You're high. Are you kidding me? I'm talking about his ability to shoot. Almost all experts recognize him as the best, of not top 3 of all time. He's obviously not ray Allen, but name 3 players with a 50/40/90 with 30ppg and can shoot off the dribble from 40? Until he got injured, he was killing dudes. The injury isn't the reason why they lost, but when you see a dude got from this
      To getting checked by k love on the perimeter, something ain't right.

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    • "I treat it fairly seriously" lmao any man would! Haven't you seen those guys with the fantasy football league that ha e to get terrible tattoos? Lol
      I honestly have no clue. I've thought about it for awhile and I've got nothing. Call Vegas and ask them!! Lol

    • Yeah, I ain't bout dat life 😂. I don't know how people do it. I played fantasy for the 1st time last year and my starting and backup QB got injured, my starting rb got injured, backup rb got benched in real life and my best receivers all got hurt. Steve smith was fuckin balling, too! I can't imagine for actual stakes 😭

      I was thinking about asking, but most of the people on the site don't know shit about shit 😂. I actually might get a reddit account just so I can get the answer on r/explainitlikeimfive

  • Lmao under. They're only gonna score 600 ppg 😂. I'm a GSW fan but I didn't even think we would get KD. I honestly don't think we will lose more than 5 games this year. Poor Russell Westbrook 😂😂😂

    • That's the thing. The team is still loaded... Just that it woulda been ridonkulous with KD. I think Westbrook planned on leaving anyways, which is why KD bolted. $30 Westbrook signs with the Lakers. Or (remember where you heard it 1st 😜), because he's naturally a shooting guard, he signs item the clippers. Him, cp3, Blake and Jordan? 😱

    • Russ, CP3, BG, DJ... That would be NUTS. Imagine that Clippers team against this Warriors team 😱 That would be a CRAZY series 😀

    • I'd actually gizz my pants if that happened. Especially since that would probably be the western conference finals for the next 40 years

  • You can pretty much write in the next three champions will be the Warriors, how boring really. They should try to balance it out the same way the nfl does it with the salary cap.

    • I don't get why they just don't have a hard cap. It makes more sense for the NBA than the NFL since a good starter is literally 40% of your offense and defense at a given time. If Aaron Rodgers went to the browns, they'd still suck dick AMD the patriots would be relatively good. If lebron went to the 6ers, the cavs will revert back to how they were without him in Miami and the 76ers would be 1 of the top 3 teams in the east

      It also doesn't help that the NBA draft is so unpredictable. If you mess up, you're screwed. Still hard to fathom this

      Also, that awkward moment you realize hasheem thabeet was the 2nd overall pick 😑

      The sad part is that the NBA is statistically the most competitive it's ever been, yet there are still 3 or 4 juggernauts now and everyone else is playing for a playoff spot

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