Which of the two upcoming things this year in the entertainment industry in general pisses you off the most, the Ghostbusters movie or?

Call of Duty Infinate Warfare?

I picked these two things (of this year) in particular since they've garnered so much hate through their trailers on Youtube, they became one of the top 10 most disliked youtube video of all time. As for my opinion, I'd lean a little more towards the Ghostbusters movie since I've already started hating the COD franchise before Infinate Warfare ever revealed (starting with crappy COD ghost). What I really hate about the ghostbusters movie is not necessarily just because they're all females but because the director and producers treat this piece of shit fuck of a movie you call a "Ghostbusters movie" as if it's not a reboot and more of an original movie of it's own, along with the fact that this "Ghostbusters movie" reeks of SWJ and PC writing (especially with the director pulling the misogyny card). I don't mind a 3rd GB movie with all female casts as long as the female cast members are actually funny, their characters are related to the original Ghostbusters characters and the new Ghostbusters movie still retained it's witty humor that's it's well-known and beloved for but sadly, that's not the case. Whoever the hell GB director, Paul Feig is, he must be Michael Bay's long lust brother since his GB trailer showed a shitty CGI fuckfest with no funny jokes at all.

What do you guys/girls think?

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  • Neither. I don't care about an SJW project and neither have I ever cared about Call of Shit either. It sucks that Half Life 3 isn't confirmed yet.


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  • I'm not fond of the new ghostbusters. Infinite warfare looks like it at least has a decent campaign.

  • I can't get past the choice they made to cast the gbs as females. I know remakes will happen, but if it's going to happen, it should be to make it better than the original.

  • My kids are excited for ghost busters, having grown up wit the first 2 it's pretty cool that they are getting to experience it too yanno?

    I have never been into Call of Duty so that has absolutely no appeal to me what so ever. So that one.


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