Could Cato have beaten Thresh in the Hunger games?

I thought the dog mutts killed him but some people online think Cato killed Thresh but I don't think Cato can beat Thresh. Can Cato best Thresh 1 on 1?
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  • The answer would depend on the situation really, wouldn't it? Because say they both made it to the end (according to the books), then Cato would have been equipped with that body armour and Thresh would probably have had some sort of weapon because in the books, he was unarmed and already had plenty of food from the corn field. I'm assuming Thresh would have won because of the aggressive state of mind he was in after learning that Rue died and he was probably already much more stronger because he actually worked in District 11 which is much more naturally physically demanding than what Cato's training would have been in District 2.


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  • No I think Thresh was physically stronger and had a more aggressive mentality.

    • Yeah how he smashed the girl from 2's skull really displayed his great strength

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