Should someone write "Uncle Tom" on top of Stacey Dash's Hollywood Walk of Fame Star?

She's the celebrity woman who is against black lives matter and had harsh words to say about Jesse Williams, due to his wonderful speech at the BET Awards, all because Jesse is against unarmed black men getting killed by the police.
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  • You realize that calling a black person an "Uncle Tom" is exactly like a white person a "race traitor", right? You're literally telling black people that they ALL must think and behave in exactly the same way. That they aren't allowed to their own opinions that you don't approve of.

    And a political organization cannot claim a monopoly on an IDEA. You realize that BLM opposes Martin Luther King jr, right? BLM is pro segregation, and believes everyone must be judged by their race. That was literally the exact opposite of what MLK wanted.

    I am opposed to BLM because I judge people based on their actions. Plus, they're just spiteful assholes. These are the guys who went to the vigil being held for the victims of the Orlando gay club shooting and shamed all the gay people their because they were all white.


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  • I may be a bit drunk but that sentence makes no sense to me. I'm guessing stacey dash is a person and tom is her uncle but how can you write on top of a star? or on top of a walk?

    • Your comment doesn't make sense. Stacey Dash is a black woman who's an actress. Celebrities have hollywood walk of fame stars in California. Uncle Tom is a fictional character based on an old novel

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    • You could have google them to do research who they are. And do research to know what Hollywood star walk of fame is

    • But why would I care?

  • What would that achieve?

    • Once the paparazzi take pictures of it and show it to Stacey, she can know how people truly feel about her dumb rants

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