Now that Selena Quintanilla is finally getting her Hollywood Walk of Fame Star, should they have it cover over Donald Trumps Hollywood Star?

Donald Trump loves to say bad stuff about Mexico, it would be great to see a latino celebrity have their star on top of Donald Trumps Walk of Fame Star
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  • He doesn't say bad things about Mexico he says bad things about illegal immigrants. Get it right next time.

    • Only a Trump supporter would say what you said. He always want to mention Mexico but never these countries (Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, etc) illegal immigrants be coming from those countries most of the time

    • But they go through Mexico don't they? I don't see the Mexican government doing anything to stop it. They're becoming a burden on my country and sorry I love all Latin American people but my country comes first.

  • I'm trying to understand your questions but it makes no sense. Are you saying selena Perez has her Hollywood star and you would like to see it cover Donald trump's?


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