Should I put this on Youtube?



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  • I like it but it could use a few tweaks.

    Is the piano a midi instrument? I don't know maybe it is just my imagination lol. I just think it sounds verrrry stiff and electronic/robotic at 1:24 in my opinion. If it is a midi instrument, there are some things you can do to make it sound more human. I can try and describe them to you if it actually is a midi.

    Also, something that would make your video a lot more interesting is if you put something to watch with it. It could be you singing, playing piano, hanging out with friends, making a snowman in black white filters, whatever. It would help it make it more interesting for sure. Otherwise, it's very easy for a viewer to just skip through it and listen to only certain parts.

    I would also put the voice slightly louder (or the piano a touch more quiet).
    Also in my opinion, it could use a little more reverb on the piano. by the way, is the reverb on the vocals on a bus or directly on the voice? Putting reverb on a bus vs directly could help make it more clear.

    Also, there are about 30 seconds of black silence at the end that should probably be edited out.

    So basically, I think you have the voice, you just need to work on the editing of it in your DAW (your recording program) and the video side of things. I can show you if you need help with it.

    Go ahead and put it on youtube though-- I just suggest making the changes to it first.

    • Wow, I just had to stop by and agree with everything you just said. Yours is one of the most complete answers I've seen on this site. There, I said it. I feel better now.

    • @Atashi7 Haha I guess some years of working with music and stuff has finally paid off a bit. Thank you for the seal of approval! 😁

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  • Yeah, I think you have a nice voice.

  • You have a nice voice

  • I wouldn't recommend it

  • why?

    • what do you mean "why?"?

    • why do you want to post it?

    • That doesn't make sense.

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