Tomb Raider vs Uncharted, which puzzle-solving, action adventure video game series do you think is better?

Despite that Tomb Raider has been around much longer than Uncharted, I think the recent reboot series of the game aren't as great as the olderTomb Raider games of the PS1-PS2 days. As for Uncharted, it seems as if the game franchise gets better and better, with the most recent game, Uncharted 4, beating Uncharted 2 as the best entry in the game franchise.

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  • Ehh... I loved the 2013 Tomb Raider but the Rise of the Tomb Raider took a hit... a big emphasis on stealth, but if enemies spot you in area it is now 100% impossible for them to lose track of you like in a Splinter Cell game or something. So much for stealth--once they lay eyes on you you basically have a car stereo at max volume strapped to your back. Firearm mechanics also took a hit from the first one.

    Plot wise I think Nate is really better off. His games are a bit less desperate, but they don't take themselves that seriously--he's like Brendan Fraser in the Mummy movies 1-2. It works. And there's a strong emphasis on the personal relations and people.

    Rise of Tomb Raider at first looked like it was going to go something cool... They went Resident Evil 5 and acted like Lara was traumatized by the horror of the Island. Promising. But nope! She's 100% eager to get out there. Talk about a plot line fail. Just like how Resident Evil 5 hinted at a huge Chris/Jill/Trauma/Redemption... then instead of it being the main course it was a tiny shot glass serving on the side.

  • Both are terrible. Tomb Raider less so because of the cheats and shortcuts.