What's your favorite horror movie genre?

  • Gore/Disturbing (Torture, cannibal, etc.)
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  • Psychological (Phobia, thriller, madness, etc.)
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  • Killer (Slasher, crime, etc.)
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  • Monster (Zombie, vampire, sci-fi/aliens, etc.)
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  • Paranormal (Ghosts, haunting, possession, witchcraft, demons, etc.)
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  • Other (Comedy horror, horror romance, Gothic, etc.)
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  • I don't watch horror movies.
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  • Monster movies.


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  • Out of the typical horror movies I like zombie ones the most. Second I guess would be psychological. I like Saw, which in actuality didn't have a whole lot of blood in it.

  • Nothing beats a psychological thriller

  • I've never seen one, but Monster and Paranormal would be my best bets. I don't like violence.

    • You've never seen a horror movie?

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    • Thanks. I've had it for years, but have been using prescription meds to stop the seizures it was causing. The doctors have been able to reduce the amounts I need over the years. I just may not need any in a few years! That's not going to get my old memory back instantly, but it should recover. No official info yet, but apparently those are possibilities. Then I can finally move. I know I have no choice, but I feel so lame for being with my parents at my age...

    • I hope it works out for you! It sucks having to be dependent when you don't want to be.

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