Which do you like more 1980s Heavy Metal or 1990s Grunge?

And please tell me which ones you like any which Albums or Songs you like by them
I love them both but I prefer Grunge (:


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  • bith are good but metal is life
    Slayer, megadeth, Metallica, anthrax, black sabbath, dio, iron maiden, Judas Priest, Motörhead, bls, pantera it goes Ina me on


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  • Nirvana and alice in chains are grunge but I like old school metal. I pick 80s Heavy Metal

    • Hi ik Anthony, if you could marry me that would be cool

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    • @SlightlyCrazy Thanks. But what makes me special I'm just another human 😃

    • Check this out
      Your a female, with boobs and a vagina and everything
      That means your like a 1in 2 chance
      Not that great
      How ever you have excellent taste which Mensa your like a 1 in 100 chance
      Put that together and your pretty damn valuable
      Now that being said your not the only person to fit that criteria
      But you miss all the shots you don't take

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