Did anone else wonder why out of all people Alice was the only one who didn't partake in The Breakfast Club?

Im talking about the scene after John gets his weed from his locker and ends up smoking it in the library and one by one the other kids go with him except for Alice. I found this odd since she looked very excited to find that John had weed in the first place and she even took his lock (im assuming so she could go in there and steal some in the future) so why would she decided to pass up on some high times? Not only does she pass up on it but in a deleted scene she actually retreats into a small room in the library cradling herself while humming "My Life". Appearantly it was very sad and it even made some of the crew cry. It was ad lib by the way


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  • Is this about the movie? right?


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  • She seemed to be insecure, not quite daring, her Vodka comment was an obvious lie, so it makes sense to me that she would not participate in such.

    • I dunno if the vodka comment was a lie. I think wheAndy asks how much and she says "tons." All sarcastic and smug that was probabaly a lie... but then again she is a compulsive liar so we really can't trust anything she says

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