"You are Hamlet" - What does this mean?

Well, I was told "You're Hamlet to me." and I don't have any idea in detail.
I know that it's one of Shakespeare's tragedies. I don't want to read character analysis as I want to read whole thing at some point.
So could you please tell what was he like? No spoilers please.
Now I understood one of typos made by my friend.
I suppose she meant "You're Hamlet to my Ophelia". Thanks @Laura_Marx for pointing that out.


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  • how did that conversation go after you said that? because my instinctive response would be to say, 'what do you mean?', but I guess you didn't say that, since you're here.

    Who told you that? Was it the ghost of your dead father? Or, indeed, the skull of your deceased friend?

    • Have you seen david tennants portrayal of hamlet?

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    • @Waffles731 Ohh I guessed that it'd be a sad story but no no no I don't want to be that Hamlet :/

      @Laura_Max I'm rofling now. I'm very curious about this. Hopefully tomorrow I will get answers xD

    • She said "Use your brain" lol.

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  • obsessed, crazy, suicidal, Had quite the temper, Vengeful, and manipulative, however he wasn't evil,


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  • If you want to read it one day why not make that day today?

    • Busy with some much more important stuff.

    • You know that's a reason that will never change.

    • Yeah true that but right now I'm kinda packed. Dad has spinal surgery, I've to run around for my masters admission. Can't invest for things that need significant amount of time.

  • I am sure she meant omelette.

    • That's not possible because I'm stuffed egg for her.

  • But... That requires spoilers really.

    • Can you make it possible with less spoilers? Little spoilers are fine. What are his characteristics?

    • See update of the question.

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