Help Dan in his new scifi adventure? How would you write this story?

In a scifi/fantasy story, our character Dan, who's made bad choices, finds himself in one of these unfortunate situations after he shrinks to a tiny size...
- Dan slips and lands in his mother Joyce's glass of iced-tea.
- Dan is discovered and captured by his little brother Owen, who intends on keeping him forever.
- Dan is noticed by his ex girlfriend Jess who mistakes him for a bug, and quickly asks her current boyfriend to squash him.
- Dan is unnoticed by his older sister Catherine, who is walking towards him and he's right in her path of getting stepped on.
-Dan is seen by a gigantic frog, who is starving. Thanks. 😊😚
Feel free to add your own obstacle
I also think a giant grandmother would be fun. Like he falls in her glass of Alka-seltzer lol


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  • These posts are so damn creepy and the fact that you always pretend to be a girl when you post on here is even weirder.

  • Well as far as some of these choices, dad doesn't have much of a chance to survive. This were to happen to this Dan, the best choice would be his little brother Owen finding him and keeping him. Besides being absolutely hilarious, Owen would probably act like a lot of kids, excited for their new toy. And that would be Dan, his new toy. In reality good luck with that trying to escape. But I think it adds the most adventure. As far as the other ones go, if his mother Joyce swallowed him, he would be consumed and digested within her system, epic fail. The same as he was eaten by a frog Kama he be like every fly before. His ex-girlfriend not being able to recognize him and her current boyfriend stepping on him, because he's just a bug, would leave him crushed underfoot. Much like his sister Catherine who will step on him squish him. So to avoid instant death, Owen is the way to go. If Dan ever shrinks, he should be found and kept by Owen.


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