Have you played the game nationstates?

Its a game that is about making and running a country,
You get five issues to resolve a day by selecting an option and that is how you play, so it takes like a handful of minutes a day.


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  • No, but civ 6 comes out in October

    • another civ player, nice.

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    • i like that too, i dont like it when land units can embark on water just like that. and i also would like airport improvement tiles so that you can use airplanes without needing cities.

    • @anonman32 it kinda defeats the point of naval units. The airplane thing pisses me off. They should make airports used for commerce and planes should work like every unit. But have like a 20 turn limit (arbitrary number) before they have to return to a city or aircraft carrier

  • I'm hooked.

    • what is the name of your nation
      mine is pychoticland,
      I meant to say psychoticland but i spelled it wrong initially and can't change it

    • That's a secret. I'm Isolationist after all.

  • I just made a nation, it's name is Arthrez :3