Is anybody a member of Team Beachbody?

teambeachbody. com

I'm thinking of signing up but not sure whether it'll be worth it.

I am already 2 weeks into the Insanity workout and so far I have lost half a stone (7lbs), which I'm proud of.

Any opinions?
Although this is advertised on British TV, you can only sign up if you live in America or Canada. Surely, if it's advertised on British TV then there must be a way for me to sign up. Maybe I'm missing something.


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  • Never heard of this website but can I just randomly boast about my 5 stone loss in the last 10 months? :D

    • Congratulations! I'm very happy for you! :) What sort of things have you done to lose weight?

    • Eat normal amounts and cut down on sugar.

      I used to tell myself "I enjoy life so I will eat whatever I want", which meant double portions of everything and 6 cans of coke a day haha

      Now I eat healthy amounts, healthy foods and I drink mainly water.

      As for enjoying life, I do that a lot more now than I could before. I can walk outside in a tight tshirt without feeling completely shit about it.

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