Would you consider Mad Max: Fury Road to be a feminist film or a Egalitarian film or neither?

Many male complainers refer to it as a Feminist film because of how Furiosa is a strong female heroine who took all the spotlight from Mad Max (when it actually had more to do with Charlize Theron's amazing acting skills that slightly surpasses Tom Hardy than anything else) while a some other people refer to this Mad Max movie as a Egalitarian/"Humanitarianist" film because the audience still cheered for the main protagonist, Max Rockatansky as much as they cheered for Furiousa.

What do you think?

Would you consider Mad Max: Fury Road to be a feminist film or a Egalitarian film or neither?

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  • If the story and characters fit then no one, but dip shits, care what gender anyone is.

    When they try to make it some kind of gender statement all over the media or in the movie it completely ruins it. Feminism's toxicity can ruin anything, just look at the latest Ghost Busters movie.

    • Yeah, if anything, the new crappy Ghostbuster movie "reboot" is the one that's blatantly a feminist movie, not Mad Max Fury Road. I honestly wouldn't mind a new Ghostbusters movie with female leading casts as long as it's a sequal and still has the original characters in it with them passing on the torch to them (either through the female ghostbusters being related to the original male ghostbusters or the original male ghostbusters just simply being mentors to them) but no. Instead, it's a reboot (which none of the Ghostbusters fans ever asked for) that clearly ignores the original Ghostbusters films and completely leaves out the original characters as if they never existed and as if the reboot is already an original movie itself.

    • On top of that, Sony Pictures and Paul Feig had the audicity to not only insult the people who criticized this movie and pulled the sexist/misogynist card, they also forced Bill Murray with lawsuit threats to star in the GB reboot as just a cameo instead of his original character. That is just some very low, crooked bullshit they pulled.

    • Yeah the whole series is all fucked up now, they totally ruined it. They were deleting posts with legit criticism and leaving only the "misogynistic" ones so they could virtue signal as well. I didn't know that about Bill Murray, that is some SERIOUS! bullshit.

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    • Except I wasn't the one whining or complaining about the movie being "feminist", lol. I've already seen this movie and it never really once struck me as a feminist film. Just a great movie sequal with a very likable character (other than Max) that just so happens to be a woman while the villains happen to be men. I'm just asking this question out of sheer curiosity.

  • what... Neither. I swear right wing social justice warriors man..

  • I think it's the most overrated movie of the overrated franchise


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