Which building would be the coolest diorama to make of a zombie outbreak?

I want to make a scale building for some tabletop zombie figures and I can't decide who's building to use.
The one I make should be most relevant but also not too complicated so it looks decent when finished.

  • Church with graveyard
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  • Small town police station
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  • American diner
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  • Gun store
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  • I like the gun store, the non zombies can have the weapons needed to "kill" the undead! ;)

    • They sure could :) that's my only ha g up of the church. There's nothing item wise worthy for survivors.

    • I know while it's scarier for them to be in a church it doesn't really add to a story line

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  • RMV/DMV?

    • Sorry?

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    • Oh like a car sales room? Lots of vehicles to use and hide behind for the survivors? I would probs go for a junk yard look in that instance

    • No, where you go to get your driver's license renewed.