Pokemon GO crashing?

I've pretty much just downloaded Pokemon GO for my little brother, and I've entered in my login stuff, but every time I open the app, it tells me to 'be aware of my surroundings' etc, and then shows me the terms and conditions, to which I can either agree or disagree. Straight after this, the app crashes, and takes me back to my home screen. Any ideas as to what's going on?


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  • Maybe the servers are down in your area. It does that a lot because so many people are on it that it can crash sometimes.

    • I don't think I was even on the servers yet though?

    • Hmm maybe try closing the app and turning the phone off and try again later

    • just did that...

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  • Sounds like they updated the game to make it actually fun.

    • ... guessing you're not a fan?

    • The idea doesn't enthrall me I must admit. I'm more fun that pokemon go lol

    • I know what you mean haha

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  • I think there's too many people on the servers at the same time. Pokemon GO didn't expect it to be such a success

  • I'd restart your phone and see what that does.

    • trying that now :)

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    • probably try later on then?

    • Yeah I would. It seems weird it won't let you accept the terms and conditions but when the servers aren't working it can screw a lot of stuff up. I dont know what Country you're in but they typically have issues when it's released to a new country.

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