Which one of these worlds would you want to land on?

There was a tv show in the 90's called "Sliders," where a group of people developed a way to "slide" or travel into different versions of our planet, but couldn't figure out how to get the coordinates to make it back to the earth they knew as Earth Prime. As a result they slid from earth to earth searching for home often getting stuck on certain planets. Which one of these worlds (actual episodes) would you want to slide into?
  • A world where the US Constitution has been outlawed
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  • A world where California is part of the independent republic of Texas, and securities law allows gunfighting
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  • A world where men get pregnant.
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  • A world inhabited by dinosaurs
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  • A world where a bacterium turns people into zombies
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  • A world where the young dominate society and middle-aged people are prohibited from working/subject to curfews.
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  • A world where the human population has been replaced with androids
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  • Alternate and parallel universes and alternate realities, and neighboring dimensions. It's almost the same as going to entirely different planets but it's the same planet with different outcomes and effects.

    I'd have to go with the last one. I don't have a problem if all of those androids are non-hostile and aggressive otherwise it's going to be very very bad as I'd literally alone and going up against an entire planet of terminators all by myself. But if they were friendly or even apathetic, neither aggressive or friendly maybe they ignore and won't really give a shit about me being there.

    I also hope those robots aren't split up into different factions and fight among themselves like the Transformers. I don't want to get caught in the crossfire by being at the wrong place and the wrong time if that is what is going on in that world.


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  • Haha I love Sliders!


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  • I LOVE that series!! That was one of the best!! none of those worlds though.
    Another, similar one is the remake of The Outer Limits. Much better than the original, I think!

  • The world with the dinosaurs :D

  • I wanna fuck a robot. Last one.

  • i like the episode where they ended up in a dimension where all the men died of a disease and there was only man crazed girls and women.


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