Calling All Christians?

Imagine you were falling from 500 miles up in the air for whatever reason, do you think God or Jesus would save you?

Okay I don't know how far we are from space haha... we'll say 200 miles.


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  • This question is, of course, impossible to answer. It is held, or should be held, by all Christians the God is the wisest and most righteous; therefore, whatever action he took would be the correct one.

    Death does not scare me. The only thing that scares me is not achieving righteousness and not being able to walk the path that my god has set before me.

    Death is just, like, the loading screen on a video game. Just the transition from one level to another. The actions you take on the primary level impact the results you see in the secondary level.

    So would God save me (Jesus is God, just so you know)?
    I have no idea.

    • This isn't a hard question to answer. It comes down to your faith. Believing is power, supposedly, and the purpose of this question is to ask yourself if you believe he would save you from doom.

    • Religion is a citadel. You may look in at it but you will never fully understand it, you will never enter it, unless you are a man of that citadel.

      As a Christian, there is no answer (I believe). I am not one to say what God can and will do: only God can tell you that.

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  • Do not put the Lord your God to the test. He would save my soul. My body's pretty much effed.

    • How am I putting him to the test?

    • Reading your discourse with other answerers, it seems pretty clear that you are asking whether they have enough faith in God to believe He would protect them from such a fall. That's not the point of believing in God. Of course He is capable of saving anyone, but sticking His fingers in everything like that isn't what He does. Imagine the chaos of a world where everyone was miraculously saved from all harm ever. You are treating the nature of faith unfairly, as when the Devil asked Christ to throw Himself off the Temple, assuring Him that God would save Him, when faith isn't about what God is capable of doing for us, it's about what He has done and our mutual love for each other.

    • Seems like you're the typical modern day Christiam who reads far above from what's written. It's a simple question, but you're too deluded to answer.

  • that's ridiculous. halo at most.

  • No because I'm going to heaven which is a lot better

  • No, god emperor trump would save me.