Female Doctor Who wouldn't work?

I don't know how I feel about this talk of Doctor Who becoming a woman on the forums. Can't see a lady Who acting cool like David Tennant or charming yet goofy like Matt Smith.

Matt on the left/David on the Right. Two sexy badass men saving the universe.
Female Doctor Who wouldn't work?

And there is NO WAY in hell a woman can pull off Peter Capaldi's Doctor without looking like a bitch. Only grumpy McGrump-grump Peter Capaldi can be Grumpy Doctor Who.

A female doctor would be either a feminist character pushing some agenda, An annoying cute girl or a try hard chick. Either way it would be a turn off for most female viewers watching the male travel partner getting saved again and again. People hated Micky because he was a weak male character.

Micky sucks.

See look at these fem doctors. They don't have that masculine vibe, that charming raw male energy. This chick looks like a hipster Who.
This girl looks feminist and bitch. She won't be funny or charming in a coo masculine way like a dude.
No, just no.
Ohhhhhhh god they look bad. Ladies just stop. It's like a butch lesbian party.


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  • As a Whovian that has been obsessed with the show since the 70's, i think it has lost its way since Tennant left. Even Eccleston was truly outstanding

    I do not think a female Doctor would go down well the same as the feel of Missy being the Master.

    But, I would love to see a black Doctor

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