Anyone besides me still respect Kanye?

I know his music has gone down hill and he married a Harpy. But I still respect the man. I went through hs listening to his music, and to this day I still listen to his old stuff. I wake up to his music and go to sleep it cause he's my hero.

Im from the Chi just like he is. And literally no rappers come from our city. I honestly dont care what people say about his ego or his behavior cause I can listen to Graduation and feel uplifted.

What are your opinions of Kanye?


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  • He's alright. Last thing I listened from him was Ultralight Beam and Feedback. Ultralight Beam was alright, really liked Chance's part. Feedback was pretty good too. Don't if he's anything recently but I'm just generally not into his style.

  • You should respect his music if you like it but not him, he is an idiot. He's stupid and he doesn't hide it


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