Is it OK to catch the same Pokemon in Pokemon Go? Do you still get EXP?


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  • You get exp every time you catch a Pokémon.

    You get more exp when you catch a new Pokémon.

    You get 3 candies specific to the caught Pokémon.

    I would catch every Pokémon you come across and save up the candies and stardust. I've got 100,000 stardust at the moment at level 19. I intend to keep it all until I get higher CP Pokémon.

    • Shit, I'm only Level 7.

    • Make sure you use Lucky Eggs and Lures when you're walking about, you'll be level 10 in no time.

      Don't evolve your Pokémon straight away.

      There are a lot of Drowzees around my area, so what I do is catch them all and wait till I get one that is 500 CP+ before evolving it into a Hypno.

  • I don't play it, having uninstalled it after about 10-15 minutes.

    However, I have developed a new hobby. Spotting Pokemon-Go catchers. They walk along our seafront promenade in groups of 2 or 3 glued to their phones! It's quite amusing!


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  • yes u get exp and that sparkle dust stuff


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