Do you roleplay (writing)?

I roleplay write on rprepository. com and I'm just curious to see how many also roleplay.
I enjoy creating characters, and I love figuring out their history, and their abilities if they aren't a normal human being. I have so many characters that I just adore! I have an alien character from a planet I created, all the way to a human character who is in the midst of the zombie apocalypse.

I have always taken pleasure in writing, it's always been my passion. I write novels, and short stories as well; however, I find writing with another person to be entertaining, and it keeps you on your toes! Plus, you make great friends!

Do you RP, and if you do, do you have a favorite character of yours?

It's so hard to chose, but one of my characters that is my favorite is Ivy. She is Lucifers daughter, and is the Queen of Hell. She's a demon, and I seriously love all the trouble she gets in.
Yes, this includes smut. I enjoy a good amount of delicious smutty scenes in storylines. It's all in fun! :D


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  • I enjoy it. I only write flash fictions so I come up with multiple characters. My favorite character that I came up with a long time ago was a fallen angel/demon who was struggling to live on Earth without succumbing the the sins that made him fall in the first place. I was reading the House of Night series and the fallen angel character in the book caught my interest so I try out that role every now and then. Normally I come up with human male characters and give them different backgrounds and situations and try to keep their stories as unique as possible.

    • Sounds awesome! I RP female characters primarily. I've never been very good with males.

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    • @ArabianPwincess197 Aww Heath, that really affected me. I do remember Loren being Professor Dreamy then went to the jerky side.

    • Lol Heath was really funny, I always liked to think Loren did have feelings for Zoey.

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  • I get in enough trouble without having to role play the devil. Or similar characters. I also write, but about everyday people.

    • Oh trust me my everyday people get into trouble as well - of course I have a secret agent character. I enjoy the darkness of role plays that include demons and vampires though.

  • I have written quite a few books but not sure about RP.

    I write on wattpad

  • Yes I do role-play I also like new scenarios that I never done before


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