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I wrote this poem back in high school, based on a father who had mental disabilities, not a real one though, an imagined scenario. Its not perfect but hey i was 16.


Some may think I'm different:
Most look at me like I am odious:
Some who whisper behind their hands:
Gossip about how could a vile thing could be let free:
To walk uncaged:
To be around those who are not perverse:
I am treated with anger:
I am treated unjustly:
When I look into their eyes:
I see hatred:
I see a cavern of resentment:
I feel ashamed:
A sea of putrid abomination:
I question why do I exist:
Am I truly so revolting:
If I am, why am I upon the earth:
Why do I impede upon the earth like a ailment:
But if I am:
Why am I blessed with a child:
Why when I hold her, it feels like the earth is heaven:
Why then do I cry when I hear my daughter say I love you:
How can a monster who is like me have someone love them:
All through life people have hated me:
They have been afraid of me:
My parents even:
Who put me in a institution:
When I was 26 your mother was murdered:
For loving a atrocity:
The courts took my baby girl away:
Lies were spread:
I was unfit:
I was insane:
I was a horrid dad:
One unfit for life:
Why If I was a monster:
Did I scream and cry when they took you away:
Why did I feel like my soul was torn apart:
When I saw you crying and scared:
Beneath the arm of the guard:
If I wasn't mentally incapacitated:
I could have save you and protected you from this pain:
But all I can do is take my one gift:
And write you this poem:
In case you look for me:
To tell you the truth:
I am to be sentenced for life:
For crimes that which I did not do to you:
I will always love you my little angel:
The father with mental disabilities:
By Eric E.
The poem is his story/poem for his daughter
Yes i know there are errors like save instead of saved etc.. haven't edited it since i wrote it


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  • Wow. I'm actually crying right now. Amazing job!

    • Thank you, i do have to edit it, just haven't gotten arpund to it, wrote it 11 years ago or so, got the emotion inspiration from the true movie I am Sam, I tried taking the emotions he felt at the time the courts took his daughter away because he was deemed mentally unfit to raise her and i took the emotions i felt imagining if i had a daughter and her being taken away and imagined how it felt to be treated badly by people because of dissabilities, which i know from experience first hand growing up with tourettes and autism and ocd etc..

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    • Only when i want to be lol, sometimes i just say meh haha jk

    • Ambition is a good thing 😊 Hopefully you find a great publisher!

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