Obscure AOR tracks: So Hard Living Without You - Airwaves. Thoughts, comments, reviews etc?


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  • well that sure sucked. it was too slow.

    here's something better and recent that sounds like it's from the 60's.


    • Eh, typical pseudo psychedelic mess. The psychedelic era was the worst of the 60s, so they lose points right away. Aside from that, I can't even tell what the song is about, I like to be able to understand what a singer is saying without having to look up the lyrics. Finally, why no expression? They sound like they're bored, or stoned out of their minds, or robots. I mean, it's an okay song I guess, but "better"? I don't think so.

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  • Sounds like an old fashioned song but I like it a lot. It sounds very pleasant.

    • Actually. even back in it's day, this song would've been considered old fashioned or "retro". It makes you feel nostalgic for a time when you weren't even alive. At least, it does that to me...
      Glad you liked it.

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