Issues with iTunes , need help ; 911 ?

I have an I Phone 6S+ . 64 MB etc etc. I ripped 31 new discs to I tunes last night. So today I attempted to sync my phone to my lap top and it isn't happening. It says prep airing files then stops and doesn't transfer any thing. I have rebooted both phone and lap top and again the same thing. Anyone have options before I call Apple tech support?
I got the issue straightened out


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  • How do you have the sync settings setup? Manual or automatic.. Look into it.. Perphas that's what's causing your issues

    • Auto .

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    • Presently I have 2,680 songs on the hone. If I can add the new additions it will be close to 3,000

    • I got it straightened out man. Thanks

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  • dunno I don't bother with anything with the Apple logo on it. Mostly due to cost and DRM crap that you are probably experiencing. Should have just went to Youtube and audio captured what you're trying to transfer (Audacity = free program or listentoyoutube. com).


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