Last name for character - Juliette Cecilia?

I'm having a difficult time thinking of a good last name for an RP character.
Her first and middle name is, Juliette Cecilia. I'm looking for something that sounds powerful, elegant, upper-class, but not bitter. It needs to flow well with the first two names.
I'd love suggestions!

Thanks everyone! I actually ended up deciding to go with Romanos - a Greek last name.


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  • Juliette Cecilia Arkwright

    Juliette Cecilia Blackbourne

    Juliette Cecilia Eccleston

    Juliette Cecilia Fafnir

    Juliette Cecilia Hollands

    Juliette Cecilia Lockwood

    Juliette Cecilia Masterson

    Juliette Cecilia Seabrooke

    Juliette Cecilia Sinclair

    Juliette Cecilia Thatcher

    Juliette Cecilia Varley

    Those are the ones I could think up atm.


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  • If you can give me some info about her i can give you a last name. I hope so 😂


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  • Montgomery?

    • I was thinking that at first, but, it reminds me too much of the south, and country music, and she's not really of southern origin.

    • Oh okay