Pistol for a character I'm writing?

The character is somewhat of a mercenary during a huge crisis. A whole city has been blocked off from the rest of the world and he's after a HVT. I am thinking of what his pistol should be.
UNICA 6 "Rhino" is an Autorevolver that shoots a 454 Casull which is the largest caliber of these three options
M412 "Rex" uses 357 rounds and holds 8 rounds
Taurus Judge is an infamous revolver that shoots either 45cal bullets OR 410g shotgun shells.

What should our mercenary carry?
  • Pistol for a character I'm writing?UNICA 6 aka "Rhino"
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  • Pistol for a character I'm writing? IZHMECH M412 "Rex"
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  • Pistol for a character I'm writing?TAURUS Judge
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Most Helpful Girl

  • The M412 "Rex" never reached full production, there are only prototypes.

    The Mateba Model 6 Unica is an autorevolver, they're good, but not if they fail; by the way, the Rhino is another model produced by the same manufacturer.

    The taurus judge, is good for self-defense and close quarters combat, but not for chasing people, unless you are good.

    I say your character should use either a Chiappa Rhino or a Taurus.


Most Helpful Guy

  • A mercenary wouldn't use a revolver.

    Give him a H&K USP Tactical.45 ACP


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  • The revolvers are technologically backwards, and the 454 is strictly for hunting. It would be stupid for concealed carry or holster weapon. Go with a 357 SIG semiautomatic.

  • None of the above,
    A Semi-automatic pistol would be more in line with what you imagine.

    • And if you want a revolver, a colt.38 detective special is a good strong concealable revolver

  • I think you need to think more ab

    • Stupid mobile

      *i think you need to think more about logistics. Like if this city is cut off from the rest of the world he probably has to make his own ammo. Think about what guns let you do that

      I also feel like it wouldn't be much use to have the heaviest gun possible because it'd be a hassle to drag around

    • Very interesting opinion on the matter. The way I was looking at it was he was sent in but couldn't carry anything like a rifle or other large gun, but he also needed a large pistol so he could still drop a large target and keep a presence in the city.

    • Coolio! I'm glad to help!

      Well, in that case I think you need to consider how the city is managed? Like most municipalities aren't going to be like "yeah bro come on in and murder" so either he'd be coming in with their blessing and could do what he wanted or he'd be thinking about how to keep a lower profile so the police didn't get him.

  • subsonic silenced long range collapsible lightweight.22.

    When silenced, they are very very quiet if subsonic.

  • I'd suggest the M1911

  • All those look a bit funny - like toys...

  • Use a.50 cal desert eagle

    • Fuck man,
      If the merc isn't hunting a kodiak then its not worth it.
      My uncle is a tree-geneticist (He works for logging companies to develop a square tree) but he went to kodiak island to do research and they wouldn't let him out of the car without either a.50 caliber magnum revolver or a large caliber rifle

  • TAURUS Judge


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